The prayer style I imagine to be best loved by God is semi-continuously said (or proffered). In Arabic there is a word that means both repetition and remembrance. Remembrance of God begins with repetition (by the tongue) of His holy name. Then prayer descends, to become repetition in the heart. Finally, heart-felt prayer deepens and becomes remembrance in the soul – a state of recollectedness, constant mindfulness of Him. At first you say the divine Name. In time, you allow God Himself to pray and sing in and through you: you are the choir; He is both the composer and the cantor.Robin Daniels, The Virgin Eye
Let a person return into his own self; and there, in the centre of his soul, let him wait upon God … knowing he has God in his heart.St Peter of Alcantara
Our relationship with God must be practised – otherwise we shall not find the right tone when He comes to us unannounced. This relationship is developed by faith, by seeking everywhere His face and listening for His voice, by vocal prayer and psalmody, meditation and recollection, communal worship, and lectio divina.Robin Daniels, The Virgin Eye
Keep your desire steadily and simply towards God.The Cloud of Unknowing
The purpose of prayer is to remind ourself that God lives within us and reigns around us. God-consciousness, like all our faculties, responds to training. And thus constant brief aspirations towards God – glances of confident love, lifting heart and mind to Him – foster our relation with the Eternal. These frequent self-openings to God colour all we do, and purify all we are. The longer and more loyally we persevere in spiritual searching, the more surely do we cease to separate our practical life from our prayer life, for we shall see that all of life points beyond itself. Robin Daniels, The Virgin Eye
St Teresa’s approach to prayer was to represent Christ within herself, and then to keep Him company. ‘I remained with Him as long as my thoughts would allow.’St Teresa of Avila, The Way of Perfection
Without virtuous living – purity of mind and heart – there cannot be serenity in prayer (Isaiah 32:7). Robin Daniels, The Virgin Eye
By focusing on a carefully selected peace-giving object, such as a phrase from the Psalms, we screen out, ward off, the battalions of thoughts and memories that invade us, day and night. A prayer phrase or word is like a chain on a rowing boat that is anchored in harbour. Whenever the tide tries to coax the boat out to sea, the chain is a firm (but friendly) restraint.
… The best response to distractions is no response. The best mode is a spirit of not minding. ‘Not minding’ means not analysing distractions, not dwelling on them, not fighting them nor trying to suppress them. Resurface in a self-lenient way, without judging or blaming yourself, or cringing with a sense of failure.
Robin Daniels, The Virgin Eye
Always, always, put quality before quantity. ‘Little and often’ is deeper, more lasting and of longer reach than ‘much but seldom’. Robin Daniels, The Virgin Eye
Prayer is a short dart of longing loveThe Cloud of Unknowing
If only we could see and accept how much God appreciates our endeavour to pray during times of test or challenge, dryness or impoverishment. After all, these attempts – though frail and fragmented – cost us far more than the heaven-gazing praise and warm gratitude of our spiritual summers. When you cannot pray as you wish, pray as best you can.Robin Daniels, The Virgin Eye
Prayer is the oxygen of relationship. The depth and quality of our prayer depends on the depth and quality of this divine/human relationship.Peter Lingard, Aqueduct; and Robin Daniels, The Virgin Eye
Prayer – in its fullest and widest sense, and ultimate meaning – is not a single action at a specific time, but an all-life, all-governing state of being. Prayer must not be separated from life: it is life. We should pray always but we also have to work, so we pray while we work. We have to eat, so we pray while we eat. While filing and writing, digging and sawing, sewing and cooking and baking, say ‘This is for you, O God.’Robin Daniels, The Virgin Eye
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