Free resources aimed at priests, pastoral carers, counsellors, psychotherapists, teachers, social workers, teaching assistants and learning mentors to promote growth in self-awareness with their particular client group (couples, parents, children and young people).

Marriage &

Resources on Marriage Preparation and Marriage Enrichment for use by couples or professionals involved in marriage care and/or marriage preparation.


Self-Help & Psychotherapy

Resources on Attachment Theory, Bereavement, Divorce, Emotional Literacy, Child-Centred Play, Listening skills aimed at those in the caring professions.


Acts of

An authentic prayer life is incarnated in small acts of love. Here are some resources to run an Acts of Kindness Week in your school, parish or workplace.


Marriage & Family

Click here for a Pre-Marital Audit for use by couples who wish to assess compatibility for marriage or work through potential problem areas. This resource can also be used by clergy for Marriage Preparation.

Click here for a free copy of A Creative Relationship. This is a resource designed for couples who wish to enrich and deepen their marriage and/or work through difficulties in married life. It can be used by those who run marriage guidance courses.

Self-help, psychotherapy & pastoral care

Click here to download Brainwaves: An Emotional Literacy Resource aimed for direct use with Primary age children with behavioural difficulties to promote emotional literacy and anger management.

Click here to download my training on Attachment theory. This material is aimed to support teachers, TAs, learning mentors and social workers to understand and support children with attachment difficulties. It will also help you to understand your own attachment style, but if you are vulnerable should not be used without consulting a properly registered and competent therapist.

Managing Stress and Anxiety is a training aimed at professionals who support young people and children who are stressed and anxious. However it can be used by adults to get an insight into their own stress and anxiety. If you are in a vulnerable place you should only use this in consultation with a competent and registered therapist.

Understanding and supporting young people who have been traumatised: This training offers an overview of the impact of trauma, and the impact of caring for someone who has been traumatised. It may be of interest to foster carers, social care staff, and teachings who work with Children Looked After, or young people who have experienced trauma, such as domestic violence.

Play Coaching: Child-centred Play skills can be used by parents to improve the quality of your play in order to promote your child's emotional, social, physical, and intellectual development. It can be used by children's centre workers, outreach staff and Play Therapists to coach parents in playing with their child in a child-centred way.

Attachment and Church is a variation on the main Attachment training - aimed specifically at pastoral care workers, and clergy - to promote understanding of how church can meet attachment needs, or - less helpfully - replicate the modes of relating common to the main insecure attachment styles.

Divorce and Family Break-Up is a training tool which gives parents and professionals an understanding of the effect of divorce and family break-up on children and teenagers. It provides strategies for mitigating some of the worst effects of divorce by open and honest communications, and minimising conflict and game-playing.

Supporting children and young people who have been bereaved is a training which helps parents and professionals to understand the impact of bereavement on children, considers normal and problematic responses, and offers strategies to help children manage bereavement in a healthy way. For more materials visit Winston's Wish and Care for the Family.

Obstacles to Good Listening is a chapter from Robin's forthcoming book, 'Heart to Heart Listening'. This chapter sets out some of the stuck habits that can get in the way of empathic listening. It will be of use to social workers, learning mentors, teachers, spiritual directors, and priests, and anyone interested in more meaningful encounters.

Acts of KIndness

The AOK Postcard gives students a few ideas of acts of kindness to practice in the home, school and neighbourhood environments. It was produced in collaboration with The Association of Christian Counsellors. The AOK Newsletter is designed to get parents to take up the AOK idea at home, in the belief that small shifts in family relationships result in a significantly improved trajectory for the child or teenager. You might also consider showing 'The Man who planted trees', or 'Pay it Forward'. St Mary's Catholic College who piloted AOK Week also ran a Kindness (Fair Trade) Café; had craft sessions; produced an AOK wristband using the logo; and fundraised for charity. You could make a powerpoint with the story of the Good Samaritan on it.


These resources are being put online for free use to raise collective and professional awareness of concepts we have found useful. Please feel free to print and use them in your work. The content is not original, but it is hoped they represent an original presentation and synthesis of existing ideas and theories and for this reason you are asked to mention this website and include a link when referencing, and consider buying the book for self or friend, to help these ideas reach a wider audience. They were originally produced for a small group. If there has been any inadvertent breach of copyright please notify us and we will rectify this at the earliest possible opportunity.

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