Spiritual Life

This page offers some reflections on seeing things as if for the first time, with senses new and innocent, so as to perceive beauty more keenly - and perceive the 'divine undergirding' (Vann). There are insights on prayer from Robin's book. The mindfulness page considers the question 'Is it OK for Christians to practice mindfulness?' This article points us to Christianity's home-grown equivalent, nourished amongst monastics, of recollection: constant remembrance of God and turning the mind, heart and faculties towards Him.

First Time Seeing

‘The skill of an artist is not only manifest in how well he draws or paints: the first attribute is the quality of his seeing: its range and depth and alertness to nuance.
When we have been to an exhibition of paintings by a favourite artist, we walk out of the gallery as a person transformed: faces, landscapes, colours, shapes and shadows – all are now seen, during our daily life, with the painter’s eye.’

From The Virgin Eye, by Robin Daniels.



‘It is only because God first loves us that we are able and inspired to love Him, our self and our neighbour. This is the heart and essence of the Christian message. The depth and quality of our prayer depends on the depth and quality of this divine/human relationship. Trust the vast often silent work of His infinite love to warm and irradiate the deepest parts of the self – calling forth all your heart’s natural affection….’
From The Virgin Eye by Robin Daniels.



‘Try first in small, simple ways not to let the mind in – not to verbalise or even name. Become more aware of your self as witness. You will have the best chance of seeing widely, totally – and with fulfilment – when you are content to just be. In the light of pure perception, you move beyond like or dislike, and perceive God in each person and place, each encounter, each event.’

From the chapter on Mindfulness in The Virgin Eye.